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          "What you think about, you bring about"

                                    Philippians 4:8



Spirit and Mind Matters!

Thank you for visiting EVOLVE!

We believe that every place of worship should be a place of trusted healing. We believe every faith institution should have or be connected with qualified pastoral care specialists to support, guide and treat members suffering from mental and behavioral afflictions. We are here to both serve and educate the church leadership, congregants and counselors.

Evolve Transformative Biblical Counseling Center is on a mission to bring mental and emotional healing to God's people through the application of biblical principles in the context of qualified credentialed, psychological practice. We believe that Spirit and Mind Matters!




Transformative Biblical Counseling Center (TBCC), is organized and operates for religious, charitable, scientific and educational purposes. This is a non-profit organization. The specific purpose of TBCC is to provide and encourage standardized Bible based counseling; to train Christian clergymen and laymen who are committed to the Scriptures as the authoritative rule of faith and practice certified counseling techniques.

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