EVOLVE: Transformative Biblical Counseling Center  

Christ The Healer Church

Evolve Transformative Biblical Counseling Center delivers high quality scripture based counseling services, operating under the spiritual authority of Christ the Healer Church and Bishop C. B. Lockett. Our services are provided by qualified, credentialed mental health and pastoral counselors, who have been documented as being in good standing with their faith leader.

To teach the nation, we offer educational options through our training conservatory, include individual courses, certificate and certification programs. Our goals include:

 a. Provision of quality, confidential,  biblical counseling services to clergy and their constituent

 b. Provision of standardized biblical counselor training

c. Evolve the concept of the interdependence between tri-partite  human being (mind, body, and soul) working in concert for complete health.  Associate with other  educational institutions to promote the need for and benefit of biblical  counseling. 

Board of Directors  2015


Bishop  Calvin  B. Lockett,  BS

Dr.  Gregory  Stallworth, PhD

Reverend  Laverne Austin , MSW,  M. Div

Elder Pertrenia Pressley

Ms. Laverne Walker